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The Northeastern quadrant of Nebraska has experienced drought conditions during the past year. The severity is much like the dry conditions in California and much of the rest of the Southwestern contiguous states have endured. Needless to say, the drought … Continue reading

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Contemplating Corn Production

This time of year in Nebraska, our state flower, the goldenrod, is mellow yellow. The deciduous trees have turned color, and the corn growers are sweeping their fields with massive combine harvesters. If you’re driving down rural roads in mid-America … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About Consuming Food

Regardless of who we are, no matter what our station in life we are consumers of food. I know that this is an obvious statement. It’s also a fact that we rarely ponder. Breathing air, drinking water, and consuming food … Continue reading

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Raising Beef Cattle For Dummies (Review)

I don’t know why this book was displayed in the “New Books” section at the Norfolk (Nebraska) Public Library. The copyright is listed as 2012. I found it next to the new books about caring for cats. I placed Raising … Continue reading

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Who Was Benjamin Banneker?

Benjamin Banneker was an anomaly of the place and times of his life.  He gained some measure of acclaim as an astronomer, author, inventor, mathematician, naturalist, surveyor, and farmer. Banneker was born on November 9, 1731 in Baltimore County, Maryland … Continue reading

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Is It Hot Enough For You?

During extreme weather, we have a couple of idiomatic greetings to use in place of, “How are you?”. In the winter, there’s, “Is it cold enough for you?” In the summer we have, “Is it hot enough for you?” This … Continue reading

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World Soil Day

It’s not unusual for me to have casual conversations with an agronomist, because I live in a state that has a rural based economy.  I’ve enjoyed learning about agricultural issues while pedaling away on an exercise bike at the gym.  … Continue reading

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