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It’s Tempting To Be A Curmudgeon

A lot of us like to let off steam by griping and otherwise talking like a curmudgeon. At our strongest moments, we resist that urge. During our most frustrating moments, we may give in. Since today is National Curmudgeon Day, … Continue reading

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Happy Pi Day 2016

π is quite an impressive and interesting concept. The “right-upright” rounded depiction of this Greek letter became the Roman “P”. In the Cyrillic alphabet it is the letter “Π” (peh), the cursive capital form looks nearly identical to π. We … Continue reading

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Who hasn’t wished they could travel through time?  Some of us fantasize about visiting an intriguing historical epoch in the past.  Many of us want a hands-on trip into the future.  Writer H.G. Wells certainly was not the first person … Continue reading

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Inspirational Comprehension

Now and then, intuition or some brain process, flashes a fresh understanding of a word or situation into my mind. I may have only had a rough, dictionary definition of the scenario before the palpable, three-dimensional understanding is instantly revealed. I call these moments, … Continue reading

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Vulcan “Discovered”

I know what might be going through your mind, after noting the title of today’s post.  Complete with the “Star Trek” theme song and images of Leonard Nimoy would be the fictional planet of teevee and movie fame.  No, this … Continue reading

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Russell-Einstein Manifesto

In the mid 1950s, many people were very concerned about the implications and dangers of the Hydrogen and Plutonium bombs that had recently been invented. The first test had taken place only ten years earlier on July 16, 1945 north … Continue reading

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The Meaning Of Relativity (review)

I noticed a new printing of Dr. Albert Einstein’s lectures about his Theory of Relativity sitting in the “new” section of the Norfolk Public Library.  I picked it up while thinking that I really need to finally tackle the thing.  My … Continue reading

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