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In Alignment

Occasionally I feel inspired to begin a new project or try something unfamiliar. Oftentimes I charge blindly into it, fueled on the fumes of compulsivity. After awhile, I lose steam because the project becomes uninteresting either because I find no … Continue reading

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Living life on “auto-pilot” can result in a gradual misalignment of our actions from our personal values. A person may realize that she is not being true to herself because she has been allowing others or society to determine what … Continue reading

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In Alignment

During our happiest moments we might have feelings of gratitude about completion, wholeness, and union. When our actions are in agreement with our values, we are aligned. Most of us only fully realize this idyllic state of mind occasionally, not … Continue reading

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My friend Marcus played a short piece by Mozart on his electronic synthesizer because he wanted my opinion about performances of classical music on contemporary electronic instruments. “Klavierst├╝ck in F, K 33b” is a very short keyboard ditty written by … Continue reading

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