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The major obstacle to discovery is neither stupidity nor ignorance; it is the belief that we have the best knowledge. My friend Arnie, a retired high school art teacher, said something to that effect. Indeed, know-it-alls have a certain mindset … Continue reading

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Right Or Left Brained?

It might be true that our personalities and behavior don’t originate from the left or right side of the brain. There were news stories back in August that reported about new discoveries challenging the popular beliefs about right-brain, left-brain personality … Continue reading

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Ponder That Feeling

In the dream, I was a passenger on a brightly colored cartoon railroad train. We riders were helpless observers to the chase scene involving the train and a black helicopter in pursuit.  As the train traversed a very high trestel … Continue reading

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Quality Of Life

I had just finished the morning meditation.  It was time to sip some coffee and allow the openness of mind to continue a few minutes longer.  At times like these, the fact of the interconnectedness of everything may sometimes enter my … Continue reading

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