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Way back in the good ol’ 1970s, a few of my friends had given their cars names. Diane called her Plymouth Duster “Betsy”. My college pal Richard called his Pontiac Bonneville “Carbunkle”. Meanwhile I named my Chevy Vega Wagon “Ra … Continue reading

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Happy Umbrella Day

The first time I actually took refuge beneath an umbrella was as an adolescent.  It was during the graveside rites for one of my friends.  A family acquaintance held it over himself and me because we weren’t chosen to sit … Continue reading

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Bad Luck

The Fisher family was cursed with constant bad luck.  That’s what dad used to tell our family, when I was still a boy. From time to time, he’d announce the latest misfortune to happen to the Fishers.  There were small … Continue reading

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Cake Day

As I looked over my calendar of days, I puzzled over today’s special day, National Cake Day. I wondered why this particular day was chosen. Today’s proximity to Thanksgiving is the major stumbling block to choosing a day in late November for such a … Continue reading

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National Read A Map Week

Because dad worked for the State Highway Department, he always had a handful of road maps handy in his cars.  Whether or not anyone needed a map of the State, he gave them away.  I’m sure my first road map … Continue reading

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Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s Tomb

The “Boy King” Tutankhamun may not have been the most effective and aggressive of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, but he is the most famous of them.  This fame is due to the discovery of the Pharaoh’s tomb and the subsequent … Continue reading

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The First Of Thoth

If you’re an Egyptophile,  I want to wish you a happy New Year, today.  Because of the agrarian nature of ancient Egyptian society, the first day of the first month took place when Sirius the Dog Star could first be … Continue reading

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