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Emotionally Intelligent

It was a cringe-worthy, disruptive, yet very minor event. A toddler standing in a shopping cart at a check out lane in the supermarket snatched a chocolate bar. Her mother noticed what happened and took the candy away from the … Continue reading

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Let Go

I awoke naturally at my normal, early time a couple of Saturdays ago, then sat down at the desk to check emails and then post something new for bluejayblog. That’s when I discovered my Internet connection was broken.  I called … Continue reading

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International Day Of Non-Violence

If we suffer throbbing pain day after day for weeks on end, we need more than an analgesic to alleviate pain. The pain is a warning sign that something might need medical attention. We need to treat the cause not just the symptom. … Continue reading

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Why So Impatient?

I noticed the erratic driver on the Northwest route into Omaha about five miles from the city limits.  I couldn’t tell if the driver was a woman or a man, the very large pickup truck had dark, tinted windows.  The … Continue reading

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