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I have not seen “Orange” the cat for several weeks, but there is another stray that has been investigating me since mid-April. The new cat is a white short-hair that reminds me of the Internet meme cat, “Smudge”. He prances … Continue reading

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Being Kind To Animals

Due to the fact that human beings are members of the Animal Kingdom, it has always made sense to me that it is best to be kind to animals. I’ve never seen the supposed sharp boundary line that separates us … Continue reading

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Yet More Animal Planters …Floral Friday

It’s time to round up a few animal figurines in the form of floral planters. Today there are three from the mid 20th century that I noticed while rotating the supplies on a shelf. The rich colors of the glaze … Continue reading

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This Is National Vegetarian Month

For some 48 years, I’ve endured the interrogation of well-meaning(?) relatives and friends about my vegetarian lifestyle. The questions ranged from the politely curious to outright hostile: How do you get your protein? Don’t you ever crave a nice juicy steak? How can … Continue reading

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