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One of the most maligned aspects of winter, besides cold, is the amount of darkness. I enjoy both the cold and the dark of winter.  Winter is a profound time of year. No, I’m not into occult beliefs nor any … Continue reading

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I love cold weather. I remind friends and acquaintances of this fact whether or not we’re going through a Summer heat wave or a Winter cold snap. I found another person who feels the same. He’s one of the clerks … Continue reading

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Being Alone

While I wrote about the Apollo 17 mission the other day, I thought about command pilot Ronald Evans, the astronaut who was left behind in lunar orbit while his partners decended to the surface of the Moon.  Evans spent about … Continue reading

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CFCs And Ozone

Do you remember the good news about the atmosphere that was released last month? I caught the news in my daily headline feed from NASA September 10th. The mainstream news dropped it into newscasts around the first of this month. 300 top scientists … Continue reading

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Antarctic Treaty System Is Implemented

Thoughts of coldness come quickly to my mind while enduring the heat and humidity of a Nebraska Summer.  At times, the radically cold continent of Antarctica becomes the subject of my daydreams.   The southern land of the midnight Sun is … Continue reading

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