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Apes Wrapped In Fabric

Jonathan stumbled across a video on YouTube about extinct human species. He was interested in the possible interactions between Homo neanderthalensis (Neanderthals) and Homo naledi (a recently discovered species). Jonathan described how the two may have physically appeared and how … Continue reading

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Death As An Advisor

There is a phrase from Carlos Castaneda’s book Journey To Ixtlan that has haunted me for decades. “…turn to your left and ask advice from your death.” It was part of a conversation Castaneda had with the Yaqui sorcerer don Juan … Continue reading

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Another Big Picture Book Review

One good reason I appreciate public libraries is the fact that they have plenty of room to store books. I’m particularly glad that there is not only room to store them, but large books are readily accessible. The latest large format book discovery … Continue reading

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The Universe Within (Book Review)

One of the joys of reading non-fiction and especially science books is that the readers can increase and consolidate their knowledge and wisdom.  This is especially the case when a relatively small book can bring overarching focus to the big … Continue reading

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