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To Expect

The youngster saw the television advertisement dramatizing the excitement of “Power Rangers” underwear. He became so enthralled with the idea of owning a set of the underpants that he begged that his parents buy him a packet of the “Power … Continue reading

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Feeling Threatened

When we feel threatened it seems that we are triggered either by the mystery of the person or thing; or that we know the actual potential for harm the person or thing has. This little truism came to mind after … Continue reading

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I remember the Heinz 57 Ketchup commercial’s use of Carly Simon’s hit “Anticipation” better than the lyrics of the song itself. That’s the power of advertising and repetition. The later date of the 1978 commercial versus the 1971 date of … Continue reading

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High Expectations

Those of us who fall for clickbait and click on the links, still have a little bit of faith in humanity. Although the lion’s share of clickbait turns out to be lame, misleading, or overloaded with advertising, once in a … Continue reading

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