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My Panic

You never forget your very first panic attack. At least that’s what I’ve been told and have verified by personal experience. I can close my eyes and effortlessly set up the scenario. I’m now able to use the visualizations about … Continue reading

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L’appel Du Vide

I stroll on the Golden Gate Bridge’s pedestrian walkway each time I visit San Francisco. It’s a tradition and sort of a compulsion. Ever since I moved away from the Bay Area, the bridge walk during visits, has simply given … Continue reading

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That Wind

The snow followed the confines of the street as it flowed like a gentle creek from the northwest towards the east. The undulating, wavy pattern was mesmerizing. Next, a billowing cloud of snow appeared from the north like a tidal … Continue reading

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Blogging can be a type of therapy for some of us. The act of putting our thoughts and observations into some sort of coherent communication is one way we somehow manage to express ourselves and escape the sheer madness of … Continue reading

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The past couple of years, my long-lost emotional companion, anxiety has reacquainted itself with me. Thankfully, I’ve “only” had a few full-blown panic attacks during my life. The last near-panic occurred during a February blizzard–something I normally enjoy. I was … Continue reading

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Sweet Silence

As I wait for the coffee to brew and the old laptop to boot up I look out the north window. There is a light fog made yellowish blue from the street lights. The ground and the sky appear to … Continue reading

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Too Much Self Caring?

I had to let go of “Web MD” for the sake of my peace of mind. This is not to say that I’m in denial about health issues. The decision is more in line with not wanting to go down … Continue reading

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