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Bold Ponderings

I’m wearing an orange polo shirt. The color is similar to the shade of orange that attracts the attention of police. Orange, specifically burnt orange brings me great joy. I used to own a 1974 Honda Civic painted the shade … Continue reading

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So Passive

“Sunday is the most passive day of my week.” A young friend made that statement a few days ago while we enjoyed coffee in my kitchen. The friend said it in a resigned, dispassionate manner. I asked, “Why do you … Continue reading

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Winning At All Costs

Scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, An old Vladimir Putin meme showed up. My body involuntarily shivered at the sight. My understanding of the biographies I’ve read about Putin, is that he is a ruthless man who will stop … Continue reading

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Leaving It Alone

As I go about doing chores, my mental radio often loops songs. I think the DJ is a scatterbrain, but that’s just how the music fragments are played. This morning, DJ Monkey Mind kept looping the ending moments of the … Continue reading

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The Flow

There is an aspect of life that we can either fight or submit to. That is the flow of life. Some people advocate going against the flow and others say we should go with the flow. I’m of the mind … Continue reading

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Don’t Hold Back

Two of the biggest drawbacks to being shy are holding back and not being assertive. I was a painfully shy boy. Climbing out of the prison of shyness has been a lifelong process of not wanting to hold back on … Continue reading

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Have you noticed that sometimes you meet a new acquaintance for the first time who tries too hard to be extremely nice and overly polite? Doesn’t it seem like he is either socially unskilled or he has something nefarious up … Continue reading

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