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Lucky Stars

Don’t we all harbor a little bit of superstition in the recesses of our minds? I’m guessing that the most skeptical person on Earth has let himself/herself feel lucky at some point in life. I posit that it’s nearly impossible … Continue reading

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In August

August–the month of heat-stroke and falling stars. Those are the first two thoughts about this month that come immediately to mind. August is a month that I both dread and appreciate. I suffered my first bout of heat-stroke one August … Continue reading

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Today is my friend Jeremy’s birthday. Jeremy’s astrological Sun sign is Sagittarius. Both of these aspects are important to Jeremy. This weekend, Jeremy pointed out that his Sun sign and my Sun sign (Leo) are both fire signs. I then … Continue reading

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Perhaps when you glanced at the title of today’s post you thought that I might offer some tips on how to enhance your psychic skills.  On the other hand, if you’ve been reading this blog for a long time, you … Continue reading

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So Much Bunk

2016 has turned out to be a great opportunity to strengthen our debunking skills and test our BS Detectors. In addition to the usual spookiness and wishful thinking that abounds nearly everywhere on Earth, we have an election year filled … Continue reading

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Sky Awareness

Aside from astronomers and meteorologists, I posit that people in the Great Plains of North America pay more attention to the sky than most other folks.  I base my opinion upon general observation of midwesterners and people who live elsewhere. … Continue reading

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The Harmonic Convergence of August 1987

The Summer of 1987 marked a mild renewal of fascination with New Age type topics for me.  My attention was focussed particularly on mid-August for a couple of reasons.  My birthday signaled curiosity about my astrological forecast. Of more interest, … Continue reading

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