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Examining The Sky

We can all remember certain events that expanded our consciousness in some major way. For me, one of those was the very first time I looked through a powerful telescope at the night sky. A grade-school pal’s father’s hobby was … Continue reading

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Happy Equinox Again

As we speedily spiral our way across the Universe, we have once again arrived at a biannual equinox. As we learned in grade school science class, this occurs because our home planet rotates on a tilted axis so the surface … Continue reading

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Perihelion Is Tonight

January weather in North America seems counter-intuitive. Some of the coldest temperatures of the year occur around the early part of this month. If we reckoned temperatures by our distance from the Sun, our winter temperatures should be less severe … Continue reading

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Disaster From The Sky

“So, what’s new?” I asked Jorge during a long lag in conversation. My friend exclaimed that he could hardly wait for the Swift-Tuttle comet to arrive in our part of the Solar System. I was rather surprised at his statement … Continue reading

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Dark Sky

There is an abandoned farmstead northwest of my town I drive to whenever there is a forecast for aurora activity, meteor showers, or those times I just want to look at the night sky.  The area has the least amount … Continue reading

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Who Was Benjamin Banneker?

Benjamin Banneker was an anomaly of the place and times of his life.  He gained some measure of acclaim as an astronomer, author, inventor, mathematician, naturalist, surveyor, and farmer. Banneker was born on November 9, 1731 in Baltimore County, Maryland … Continue reading

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Sky Awareness

Aside from astronomers and meteorologists, I posit that people in the Great Plains of North America pay more attention to the sky than most other folks.  I base my opinion upon general observation of midwesterners and people who live elsewhere. … Continue reading

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