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Society admires and expects a certain level of simplicity in life. We heap praise upon people who selflessly share in the true spirit of charity towards all people–especially towards the disadvantaged and poor. Such generous individuals do this out of … Continue reading

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Take Time To Be With Your Inner Self

It’s easy to get caught up in life’s tangents. We hear people say we should buy certain products, engage in particular religious practices, cast our votes for candidates and issues, eat according to special dietary plans, root for amazing sports … Continue reading

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Something About Insight

Many people are fearful towards insight because of the possibility that their most cherished opinions and beliefs might be disproven. This is one important reason why we are wise to be careful about attachments to view. If one is free … Continue reading

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To Perceive

Wherever we find an object or develop a concept, there is perception. When we examine a thing or a thought we arrive closer to the reality or detoured by falseness of what we had previously believed about it. When we … Continue reading

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The Dark Side

I believe everyone has a dark side of their personality. I don’t believe everyone’s dark side is the same type nor degree. One person’s dark side may include fantasies of committing felonies while another person’s dark side may be the … Continue reading

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Attachment To Views

“Too often we… enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”–John F. Kennedy What about our darker side? What mental forces constrain and keep us from being the best versions of ourselves? What opinions do we treasure that … Continue reading

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Letting Go

Suffering is one way we process pain. Suffering is increased by attachment and holding on. Hence liberation is enhanced by non-attachment or letting go. Some students of personal growth interpret these statements to mean that we shouldn’t be materialistic. That … Continue reading

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