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The Real Deal

Here and there we hear about influencers, and see doctored photos on social media and elsewhere. It seems that such people are not happy with themselves and wish to present an enhanced image of themselves. This requires plenty of time … Continue reading

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The Real Deal

It’s been a few months since the break-up from my ex-BF. I’m considering re-entering the dating scene, so I’m going through my diaries and journals in the process of listing my mistakes and what I have learned from the past. … Continue reading

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Do you ever sit in contemplation and wonder about your full, natural, original, authentic self? The first time I ever contemplated this was as a teen unable to sleep due to the heat and humidity in my non-air conditioned bedroom. … Continue reading

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There seems to be a human propensity towards appearing virtuous and pure of heart. I cannot point to any sociological nor statistical studies about this apparent trait. This is simply a mode of behavior I’ve noticed in myself and others. … Continue reading

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Pondering Peace

“Peace is liberty in tranquility.”–Marcus Tullius Cicero I stumbled across the Cicero statement by accident yesterday and it stopped me dead in my tracks. His definition of peace felt like a cup of refreshing cool water that is offered to quench … Continue reading

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The Wild Side

I dreamt about James Dean early this morning. It was just prior to awakening from sleep. I can only paraphrase what he told me. “We are all being groomed to be like cattle, just to be slaughtered later.” We know … Continue reading

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Express Yourself

We’ve heard of people holding back information in order to avoid hurting another person’s feelings or, more seriously, to avoid incriminating oneself. These lies of omission obscure the expression of truth. Lies of omission are a common feature in society, … Continue reading

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