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The Energy Of Autumn

The equinoxes more than the solstices satisfy my imagination. I try to reserve extra time during each equinox to contemplate and meditate upon the Planet Earth and my small place on it. Yesterday’s equinox was no exception. The day was … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About Harmony

As I sat on the porch step very early this morning waiting for Orange the cat to arrive, I savored the breezy chill of the air. There’s just something about autumn that is mellowing to my spirit. It’s not necessarily … Continue reading

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Sweatshirt Days

I finally got around to hanging my ¬†short sleeved and the aloha shirts to the far end of the closet pole and bringing the heavy-fabric long sleeved shirts within easy reach. Meantime, the polo-style pullovers are packed away, and the … Continue reading

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September Equinox

Most likely you are reading this sentence after the moment of the September Equinox occurred–unless you’re one of my early readers. 07:50 UTC or 2:50 AM CDT is/was the exact time for the global event today. Equinoxes are the biannual … Continue reading

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Equinox Takes Place Tonight

The Two Equinoxes of each year are reminders of our precarious place in the Universe. More than the two solstices, Equinoxes remind us of balance. The word, equinox, has its roots in the ancient Latin word “aequus” for “equal”. In … Continue reading

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Happy Equinox Again

As we speedily spiral our way across the Universe, we have once again arrived at a biannual equinox. As we learned in grade school science class, this occurs because our home planet rotates on a tilted axis so the surface … Continue reading

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November Photos

The Autumn Days of November are lit by sunlight approaching the Northern Hemisphere at a sharper angle. This makes for especially vivid colors when sunny days are paired with more colorful life at ground level. Autumn 2016 has been a … Continue reading

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