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The Internet click-bait quiz says that my dislike of fish says that I love to have fun, enjoy festive parties, and am very outgoing. Internet quizzes are ubiquitous on Facebook. This particular quiz was titled “What Your Least Favorite Foods … Continue reading

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Mondays And Me

Folks don’t usually think that if Monday didn’t start our culture’s workweek, we would hate Tuesdays instead. If we reconfigured our calendars, Tuesday would be the new Monday. If we could take a poll about the popularity of the days … Continue reading

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Embracing Change

August humidity causes me to feel sluggish and listless.  The torpor makes this morning’s meditation more difficult.  The feeling subsides somewhat as the air conditioning cycles on, but comes back over me after the blower turns off.  I think about … Continue reading

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What About Anti-Boredom Month?

The lightning lit up the house like a strobe. The thunder rattled the windows. The wind bent the treetops. The rain whooshed down in torrents.  The excitement was palpable while the thunderstorm was overhead. Then it had passed.  What did … Continue reading

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