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Be Good

Upon saying goodbye after visits, grandma J nearly always reminded her grandchildren to be good. It was an habitual, reflexive statement she’d make–“Good bye and be good”. In this world of narcissitic behavior, cruelty, and violence, it almost seems pointless … Continue reading

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To Hate

To hate is easy and simple. The same is true for love. Both can be knee-jerk responses to life and the beings around us. One of the interesting aspects of both hating and loving, is that once we have surrendered … Continue reading

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Friends And Enemies

“It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.”–Gautama Buddha The above quote was block printed on a large “Post It Note” that I found inside my old address book in the … Continue reading

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When, in our quieter moments, we ponder everything and everyone together, we notice the interdependence and contradictory aspects of the Universe. It’s interesting that the struggle between this and that determines the formation and life of everything.  Opposites push development … Continue reading

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Good And Bad?

This morning, I thought about having myself a good day. It started out pleasant enough.  I awoke from an idyllic dream of a stroll through the woods.  Then my regular routine took place as usual.  Even the weather seemed relatively … Continue reading

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