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The professionals we trust use checklists. For instance, surgeons tick the boxes so as to avoid forgetting to do routine procedures. Airplane pilots have checklists to ensure that mechanical and safety features are accounted for. Without checklists, ┬ájobs that are … Continue reading

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Finding Balance

The search for personal balance is one of the most universal conundrums of humanity. If it’s not trying to find a healthy balance between work and life, it might be trying to balance between who we wish to be and … Continue reading

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That Yin And Yang Thing

My young friend Jonathan has been exploring eastern philosophy and beliefs. Just thinking about his interests makes me smile with happy nostalgia about my own early similar investigations at approximately similar ages. Jonathan is in his mid 20s as he … Continue reading

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With Equipoise

The eulogy contained one word used once and that word described the man elegantly and efficiently. The funeral was a commemoration of a prominent community leader. I attended the service because he had been my employer. The word “equipoise” is … Continue reading

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