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While seated on the porch step waiting for Orange the cat to arrive, I became entranced by the sparkling frost on the lawn. The slightest head tilts caused hundreds of tiny reflections to shift. I was so mesmerized that I … Continue reading

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Make Life Beautiful

“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.”–Friedrich Nietzsche The Nietzsche quote is striking simply because he wrote it. This highly intelligent and very intellectual philosopher, poet, composer, and philologist lived a dark life. He observed his … Continue reading

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A ray of sunshine was like a spotlight on one of the living room shelves. It glinted on both rivets on the binding of an old photo album. That was the cue to bring out the album to peruse it. … Continue reading

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“The lavish presentation appeals to me, and I’ve got to convince the others.”–Freddie Mercury The late, great Freddie Mercury was not alone in his love of fabulous presentations. Most of us appreciate the pomp and circumstance of a grand production. … Continue reading

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Simple Stoneware …Floral Friday

There’s a certain quality about good stoneware pottery that appeals to our instinctive connection to primal elements. Much stoneware pottery retains a rugged earthiness. Other forms of pottery are more refined in beauty. I like stoneware on those days that … Continue reading

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Ugly Or Beautiful

As I was perusing the extra large men’s clothing at Goodwill last Tuesday,  I came across a polyester leisure suit. At first glance, the thing seemed so grotesquely ugly that I laughed out loud. My friend Jonathan, who works part time … Continue reading

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I have a nagging memory from my youth that always triggers a passionate feeling of nostalgia. My younger brother and I were together, just the two of us, on a road trip as close as we could drive along the … Continue reading

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