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The woman spoke forcefully of honor, virtue, and faith. She pointed to her vows and conflicts with primal desires. She expressed herself with practiced eloquence very convincingly. The speaker had a charismatic, personal presence that appealed to a certain form … Continue reading

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“In fact men will fight for a superstition quite as quickly as for a living truth – often more so, since a superstition is so intangible you cannot get at it to refute it, but truth is a point of … Continue reading

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A Life Of Quality

There is a considerable amount of resentment among people in the United States, Canada, and much of the West that their children will not experience a better quality of life and a more optimistic future than they have. Along with … Continue reading

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Contemplating Spirituality

My friend Nicholas (not his actual name) sighed, “I think it’s best to see situations as they present themselves.” He had pulled me aside last week because of the recent unhappy breakup with his girlfriend. “She said, ‘the only thing … Continue reading

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Buttons Have Been Pushed

Savoir-faire has gone out of fashion lately. I think savoir-faire is an elegantly beautiful skill that belongs in everyone’s social toolkit. Savoir-faire is knowing what to do and what to say in any situation. A synonym for savoir-faire is “tact”. … Continue reading

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Today Is Fool’s Paradise Day

When we’re young, we’re most likely to yearn for a better place to live than where we grow up.  In my own instance, the often stultifying, backwardness of the Midwest inspired dreams of far-away, progressive England. I daydreamed about the … Continue reading

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