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Live Honestly

I have a confession to make.  When I was still a young adult, my life was a dishonest one.  Oh, I was taught that honesty in life is the best way to live.  In real life, though, I found out … Continue reading

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Heute Ist Der Schicksalstag

If you like to catch up on history, you’re in luck today, especially if German history is your thing. Today is Schicksalstag. Either by coincidence or plan, several noteworthy events happened on the ninth of November in Germany. Schicksalstag translates into English as “fateful day”. … Continue reading

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Die Zerstörung Von Der Berliner Mauer

The political concept of a dividing line between oppression and freedom became physical, in the 20th Century, with the construction of the Berlin Wall (or Berliner Mauer in German). The symbolic manifestation of the end of oppression came about with … Continue reading

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