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About A Good Friend

Our first conversation was something along the lines of “So, what kind of music do you enjoy?” He said that he liked New Age, modern jazz, dance tracks, and Space Music. I instantly knew then that Doug was a kindred … Continue reading

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Ol’ Buddies

On a lark, I dragged out the old Kodak Carousel slide projector to see if the projection bulb still worked. It didn’t, so I replaced it with one of the few spares still squirreled away. With the fresh bulb in … Continue reading

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A Civilization Of Loners?

Ruben and I nursed diet colas while we reclined in his pair of vintage folding aluminum patio chairs. The kind of chairs constructed of very lightweight metal framing with interwoven plastic strips of green and white. Such chairs are prone … Continue reading

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Hanging Out

I finally learned to accept introversion as one of my personality traits a couple of years after taking a part-time job in Norfolk, Nebraska. I had not yet moved from Wayne, where I was last employed. Also, I was in-between … Continue reading

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It’s Moon Day!

Great-aunt Emma reacted to news of the Apollo Eleven landing with horror. She firmly believed that the Moon would soon fall from the sky and shatter itself onto the Earth like a Christmas tree ornament. No amount of logical reasoning … Continue reading

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Letting Go

Suffering is one way we process pain. Suffering is increased by attachment and holding on. Hence liberation is enhanced by non-attachment or letting go. Some students of personal growth interpret these statements to mean that we shouldn’t be materialistic. That … Continue reading

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A Growing Friendship

I’m in the process of beginning a new friendship. Having written that sentence, I just want sit here and ponder its implications, and meanings. When you’re fully aware of the process of making friends with another human being, you feel … Continue reading

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