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Knowing People

We meet and become acquainted with people. They make us laugh and cry. Some mesh with us on our level while others pretend to try. Some say “hello” some say “goodbye”. People appear and disappear before they die. Two or … Continue reading

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Friendship is a beautiful type of relationship. We experience a serene type of love that is reinforced by pleasant experiences and enjoyable time spent together. Kindnesses and favors are reciprocal and seemingly automatic. Good friends do good things for each … Continue reading

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You trust someone enough to be perfectly candid with her but you are unaware of her deception and deceit. As best friends, you let down your guard more and more while she contributes a few tidbits of scenarios of her … Continue reading

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At first, I attributed the theft of some documents from my desk drawer as an act triggered by envy. After all, whoever took the documents also stole the new name badge that was printed with my name and job title–“Public … Continue reading

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So Much Fraud

While visiting with my friend Jorge this past weekend, the subject of pyramid schemes came up. Apparently his cousin Rosa got taken in by a confidence scheme. In Rosa’s case, she was not taken in by a confidence-man, she was … Continue reading

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The best relationships are built and maintained on mutual respect and trust. This truism has been affirmed throughout the ages in relationships of personal and social natures. Trust is important in human relationships and in our relationships with other animals. … Continue reading

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Trust Issues

A statement that was often repeated years ago by one of my late great-aunts. has remained at the back of my mind. “Trust is your gift to give, not something to be earned.” The little saying has probably kept its … Continue reading

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