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Doug’s Fear

If the dictionary definition of “camera-shy” had an accompanying example, it should be my recently deceased friend Doug. Once, I found an old point and shoot camera that still had a few frames of film left inside of it. I … Continue reading

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Ol’ Buddies

On a lark, I dragged out the old Kodak Carousel slide projector to see if the projection bulb still worked. It didn’t, so I replaced it with one of the few spares still squirreled away. With the fresh bulb in … Continue reading

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Thinking About Bromance

Jorge and I share a closeness that sometimes borders on the contemporary definition of “bromance”.  Physical, geographical distance keeps our relationship from evolving into a full-fledged “bromantic” relationship. “Bromance” isn’t just a new way of saying, “best friends”, it’s an … Continue reading

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