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It Gets Worse (Review)

If you spend any time watching YouTube videos, you might have come across some thumbnail links to material by Shane Dawson.  He’s a rather funny YouTuber albeit with a very dark disposition.  The name Dawson is his pen/stage name. Shane … Continue reading

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Celebrate Bisexuality Day

From time to time, some people still ask me what all the letters in the alphabet soup name of the LGBT community stand for.  It’s interesting to watch the expressions on their faces when I rattle off the categories for … Continue reading

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Bi Visibility Day

My friend Brian (not his real name) suggested that I address the letter “B” in the LGBT moniker. He reminded me that Bi Visibility Day or Celebrate Bisexuality Day happens on September 23rd, each year. In that vein, we continued our visit over coffee. … Continue reading

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Lord Byron’s Beginnings

My college poetry instructor allowed the class to simply skim over the early biography of Lord Byron. I think this move enabled us to become more curious about the poet’s life.  Ever since that class, I’ve enjoyed the Romantic poets even … Continue reading

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