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That Wind

The snow followed the confines of the street as it flowed like a gentle creek from the northwest towards the east. The undulating, wavy pattern was mesmerizing. Next, a billowing cloud of snow appeared from the north like a tidal … Continue reading

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So Generous

The weather was unsettled; and so was I. Yesterday was another day of idleness. I didn’t feel motivated to do any of my projects. Lounging in the easy chair was exactly where I wanted to be. Naturally, the default state … Continue reading

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The Blizzard

The dark, early hours of the December morning felt almost magical to the man as he walked away from the downtown district on his way home after work.  He tugged on the front of the hood of his parka in … Continue reading

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The Blizzard of ’88

Julius was lost in reverie as he recalled details about his father’s harrowing story about the terrible storm that swept over a little country school near Valley, Nebraska and the rest of the vicinity, in 1888.  The “Great Blizzard of … Continue reading

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The Great Blizzard Of 1899

It’s still Wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere, and the risk of blizzard activity will be around for awhile. Here, in the Great Plains, the topic of discussion is usually the weather.  Wintertime brings out grumbling about cold temperatures and snow … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Weekend Storm Of 1950

I’ve lived through some rather frightening, severe blizzards and winter storms during my life on the Great Plains of North America.  None of them were as widespread and unique as the Great Appalachian Storm that began on November 24, 1950.  … Continue reading

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