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I Like To Read

We learn by example, by listening, and by reading. That’s the truism I learned early on. It didn’t have to be drummed into my head, though. The statement was an affirmation of my personal experience. Some of my earliest boyhood … Continue reading

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Archive Finds

We had another stormy day, so I decided to investigate an old manila envelope that was left over from dad’s estate. It contained some items that he apparently deemed noteworthy and worth saving. Maybe you will enjoy some snippets of … Continue reading

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World Book Day Meanderings

The public library is one of the best places to spend an hour or so each weekend.  I’m glad many parents feel the same way. More often, entire families are queued in the check-out line with their hands carrying books. As … Continue reading

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Repurposed …Floral Friday

Have you ever looked at a food container and thought to yourself, “That would make a nice plant holder”?  The concept of reusing and recycling old wares is an old one. People have used old water pitchers and decrepit tea … Continue reading

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Audiobook Month

One day during my boyhood, I became curious about the 16 rpm speed setting on the family’s record player. It was a question my parents couldn’t satisfactorily answer. So, I asked my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Ogan. He said that … Continue reading

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National Library Week

There are some people who wonder if public libraries are important in this age of the Internet. To those of us who need authoritative sources and information, the answer is yes, indeed. I don’t just spout some niceties about libraries … Continue reading

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A Short Entry For Today

I know today is a busy one for most of us and that we don’t have a lot of time to be reading blogs.  Yet, I remembered a topic that I wanted to touch upon today.  If there is much … Continue reading

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