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The word, dull is an example of onomatopoeia–it sounds like what it is. Dull is blunt not sharp. A knife that needs sharpening is unsuitable for slicing soft cheese. There’s also emotional dullness. If you spent July and August as … Continue reading

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Video channels featuring mid-century American automobiles have been showing up in my YouTube feeds the past few weeks. I’m guessing that the algorithm has “noticed” that I search for mid-century items, in general, so why not include cars? I clicked … Continue reading

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What About Familiarity?

To be familiar with someone or something can bring complacency or comfort depending upon the situation and level of awareness. This thought came to me a couple of weeks ago while observing some of my fellow Norfolkans milling around in … Continue reading

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Laundromat Misery

Strip the bedsheets, get the towels, gather the dirty clothes baskets, grab the detergent and dryer sheets, shove them in the car and drive to the laundromat. After returning home, put away the fresh laundry and iron the few items … Continue reading

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What About Anti-Boredom Month?

The lightning lit up the house like a strobe. The thunder rattled the windows. The wind bent the treetops. The rain whooshed down in torrents.  The excitement was palpable while the thunderstorm was overhead. Then it had passed.  What did … Continue reading

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Why So Impatient?

I noticed the erratic driver on the Northwest route into Omaha about five miles from the city limits.  I couldn’t tell if the driver was a woman or a man, the very large pickup truck had dark, tinted windows.  The … Continue reading

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The Most Boring Day?

Three years ago, some Cambridge University scientists announced that they had determined the most boring day of the Twentieth Century.  An algorithm program named “True Knowledge” was put to work to locate the most uneventful day since 1900.  The verdict?  … Continue reading

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