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Cold Cereal Memories

One of the earliest childhood memories that I have is of eating breakfast in the family’s tall-ceilinged kitchen. When I was five-years-old my favorite cereal was Sugar Jets. In my opinion, Sugar Jets was and still should be the benchmark against … Continue reading

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Henry Perky’s Tasty Invention

Nebraska history contains several cul de sacs along it’s relatively short path.  One of those regards the inventor of shredded wheat breakfast cereal, Henry Perky.  Perky’s story begins near Mount Hope, Ohio where he was born on December 7, 1843. … Continue reading

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Cheerios Are Introduced

If you’re old enough to remember Cheeri O’Leary and “The Lone Ranger” radio series, you might be among the first people to eat a bowl of Cheerios.  The brand claimed to be the first breakfast food you can eat without … Continue reading

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