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1970 All Over Again

Tuesday in this blog, I submitted some thoughts about nostalgia. I noted a love/hate relationship about it. As fate determined, nostalgic¬†thoughts have bubbled into my mind since then. This is frustrating¬†because I want to live in the present as much … Continue reading

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Mondays And Me

Folks don’t usually think that if Monday didn’t start our culture’s workweek, we would hate Tuesdays instead. If we reconfigured our calendars, Tuesday would be the new Monday. If we could take a poll about the popularity of the days … Continue reading

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Five Day Weeks In The USSR

While struggling to read through an old Soviet Russian language children’s textbook the other day, I found a short mention of a curious Soviet social experiment that triggered my curiosity. It was a reconfiguration of the calendar into weeks of … Continue reading

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