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Blogging can be a type of therapy for some of us. The act of putting our thoughts and observations into some sort of coherent communication is one way we somehow manage to express ourselves and escape the sheer madness of … Continue reading

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The past couple of years, my long-lost emotional companion, anxiety has reacquainted itself with me. Thankfully, I’ve “only” had a few full-blown panic attacks during my life. The last near-panic occurred during a February blizzard–something I normally enjoy. I was … Continue reading

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Utter Pandemonium

Don’t we all hide our real selves behindĀ masks? The masks are not necessarily bad things. Some masks are beneficial in that they help prevent unethical and aggressive people from invading our personal boundaries. The masks that are not helpful are … Continue reading

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Sweet Silence

As I wait for the coffee to brew and the old laptop to boot up I look out the north window. There is a light fog made yellowish blue from the street lights. The ground and the sky appear to … Continue reading

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Sometimes when I get stressed and upset, I think of squirrels. They are extremely high-strung creatures. Have you ever carefully observed them? A squirrel might be grazing for seeds in the lawn. He hears a slight sound then a second … Continue reading

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These Are Halcyon Days

We have already arrived at the Halcyon Days of 2017. These are the days that are tinged with the spirit of ancient Greek mythology. These are not just the days for the Kingfisher birds to brood on the Aegean Sea, … Continue reading

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Emotionally Intelligent

It was a cringe-worthy, disruptive, yet very minor event. A toddler standing in a shopping cart at a check out lane in the supermarket snatched a chocolate bar. Her mother noticed what happened and took the candy away from the … Continue reading

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