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Three Radios

Yesterday I mentioned several interests that I want to further explore and develop. One of them is to utilize features of an older Sony camera I have not exploited. Today, I share three examples of the beginning of that investigation. … Continue reading

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Relax And Ponder

I’ve been working harder than a retiree should. For the most part, the work has not been drudgery, only strenuous. After a week of fixing up the bathroom, then cleaning up the tools and stashing away the leftover supplies, I … Continue reading

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Thinking About A Few Gadgets

While searching for an old diary journal, I stumbled across the two user manuals for my vintage Canon AE-1 35mm film camera. I had purchased the refurbished camera back in 1978 from a shop in downtown Norfolk, Nebraska after having … Continue reading

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Lost & Found

The radio station had a lost and found drawer in the office. It was literally an entire file cabinet drawer full of stuff people brought in. The usual scenario was: someone finds a keychain full of keys on a sidewalk; … Continue reading

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Photographic Slide Experiment

Two years ago, I decided to go through some of the numerous slides that have been filed away in carousels stacked in the storage closet.  Nearly all of them were shot about three decades ago, when I went through a … Continue reading

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Reverend Goodwin’s Invention

If you go into a thrift store, you might find at least one very nice point and shoot camera for sale at pennies on the dollar.  Last week, at Goodwill, I saw a Canon Sure Shot, just like one that I originally … Continue reading

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National Photograph Month

As I looked over the calendar page for this brand-new month, “National Photograph Month” was printed at the top.  I reflected that humans have probably never been involved in photography to this extent as now.  Every day, I see selfies … Continue reading

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