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Happy Canada Day!

Whenever Canada appears during my nostalgic mental meanderings, I feel a happy smile stretch across my face. This is because Canada is in my top two countries to live on Earth list. As a U.S. citizen, I’m obliged to pick … Continue reading

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I have a nagging memory from my youth that always triggers a passionate feeling of nostalgia. My younger brother and I were together, just the two of us, on a road trip as close as we could drive along the … Continue reading

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Vintage Saskatchewan Ektachromes

My friend Andy moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba in early 1991. He invited me to visit him in his new Canadian apartment when I could get away from work.  It turned out that the last two days of June and the first … Continue reading

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Pirate Party

My political junkie friend, Anders, called me from Finland a few days ago to probe the depths of my mind about a few topics.  He has a way with words that always makes me smile.  He wondered if something called … Continue reading

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Crisis On The Niagra River

Around Christmas in 1837, British militia from Upper Canada were encamped on the Canadian side of the Niagra River near the river formation, Navy Island. The troops were ordered to observe the Canadian island as Canadian rebels occupied it. In … Continue reading

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The ALCAN Highway Is Finished

An acquaintance of dad’s and mine drives his Prius to Alaska every other year. As far as I can tell, the only reason he does so, is because it is possible. Roger is not the average tourist, who goes camping or sight-seeing. He’s … Continue reading

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Vinland Is Discovered

I count myself as one of those people who love a great adventure saga. The closer to truth the odyssey appears to be, the more curious I become. The more a story is glossed over, the more fascinated with it I am. The … Continue reading

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