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Grey Owl

If he could know what is happening in Alberta due to resource exploitation, Grey Owl would be spinning in his grave. The man was devoted to preserving the wilderness lands of Canada.  His stated goal was to arouse a sense of … Continue reading

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Standard Time Is Proposed

Have you ever pondered how we came up with our system of timekeeping?  It’s a peculiar measurement system, isn’t it?  We have divided our daily cycle into 24 equal portions. The vast majority of our clocks are calibrated into 12 … Continue reading

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Le Jour de la Confédération

The great North American Confederation lives on.  In fact, there are only a few remaining confederacies in the world. Canada is one of them. To celebrate the formation of the Canadian Confederation, our Canadian friends celebrate Canada Day today.  The … Continue reading

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Northwest Gateway

Some of the most stunningly beautiful land I’ve ever been privilaged to visit is in the Canadian Province of British Columbia.  The pristine purity of the landscape and ecosystem is wonderful to behold.  I feel an instinctive, deep respect for … Continue reading

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Canadian Thanksgiving

I’m thinking of my friends in Toronto, Regina, Saskatoon and Vancouver today as they celebrate a very special holiday.   It’s Thanksgiving Day in Canada.  I know I’m fortunate to know so many kind people, and many of them happen to … Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day

My brother and I awoke around 9:00 in the morning on July 1st, 1971.  We had just spent our first night in Canada in a hotel in Regina, Saskatchewan.  We were unaware of the fact that the date was Canada’s … Continue reading

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