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Vintage Snapshots Of Pals

During the search for an old snapshot of mom to use for yesterday’s Mothers Day blog post, I continued shuffling through envelopes containing old snapshots that I shot many years ago. The photos were taken long before the advent of … Continue reading

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Happy Camera Day

I finally decided to retire the old Kodak “Pocket Instamatic” on a chilly October day in 1981. I was tired of paying for fuzzy prints, expensive drop-in film cartridges and Flashcubes.” I remember browsing the selection of new and used … Continue reading

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Some Slides Saved From 1983

In addition to the latest preservation and digitizing projects on my agenda, I still want to convert my own personal photographic slides. Without access to professional conversion hardware, my process is somewhat cobbled together.  As mentioned in an earlier post, … Continue reading

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Vintage Saskatchewan Ektachromes

My friend Andy moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba in early 1991. He invited me to visit him in his new Canadian apartment when I could get away from work.  It turned out that the last two days of June and the first … Continue reading

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Some 1980s Kodachromes

A couple of weeks ago, I finally shared a few slides from my photographic period.  I figured that if they don’t get shared now, they will probably get lost to posterity or simply tossed into a dumpster.  Anyone who puts … Continue reading

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Some Slides From 1987

The 1980s marked the period of my life when I spent much time and cash on photography.  In the back of my mind, I harbored the fantasy of becoming a professional photographer. I enjoyed picture taking that much. There was … Continue reading

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