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To Be Someone

In today’s social climate, the desire to be someone special is extremely strong. Whether one wants to be an Internet celebrity, or be a noteworthy entrepreneur, ambition to become someone might block who we truly are. Suppose you wish to … Continue reading

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Living life on “auto-pilot” can result in a gradual misalignment of our actions from our personal values. A person may realize that she is not being true to herself because she has been allowing others or society to determine what … Continue reading

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What Is Success?

“Whenever you sit down with your boss, you should have paper and pen handy for note-taking.” That was one of the first nuggets of advice my old boss gave me after we were introduced to each other. Hence, I usually … Continue reading

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Wall-Mounting My Existential Crisis

Once or twice a year something triggers a mild existential melancholy where I lose track of my place in the world. I was once told that this is a common feature of growing older. An innocuous observation the other day … Continue reading

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“Society turns away from the aged worker as though he belonged to another species….Old age exposes the failure of our entire civilization.”–Simone de Beauvoir   The first job that paid a regular paycheck to me was as a stock clerk … Continue reading

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