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Considerings About Science

Yesterday was the late, great Carl Sagan’s birthday, so I decided to watch an old installment of his acclaimed television series, “Cosmos”. After the DVD had booted up, I selected an episode at random. I am always struck by the … Continue reading

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Happy Carl Sagan Day

Of the numerous ways to describe him, Carl Sagan is remembered as one of the greatest science communicators. Some of us are old enough to remember Sagan’s television series “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage”. The 13-part program covered a wide range … Continue reading

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So Much Bunk

2016 has turned out to be a great opportunity to strengthen our debunking skills and test our BS Detectors. In addition to the usual spookiness and wishful thinking that abounds nearly everywhere on Earth, we have an election year filled … Continue reading

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Something About Vangelis

Some of my favorite musicians simply do not lend themselves to categorization.  Most of them, though, utilize electronics and synthesizers to create their masterpieces. A few of the artists, whose music frequently appear in my stereo, are Jean-Michel Jarre, Kitaro, … Continue reading

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