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Going Places

Ever since the walking/biking path near my house was paved by the city, bicycle and foot traffic here has multiplied greatly. Bicycles of all sizes and descriptions pedal by on the street on their way to and from the path. … Continue reading

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Thinking About A Few Gadgets

While searching for an old diary journal, I stumbled across the two user manuals for my vintage Canon AE-1 35mm film camera. I had purchased the refurbished camera back in 1978 from a shop in downtown Norfolk, Nebraska after having … Continue reading

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Success Without Striving

Lewis is one of those rare, lucky people who attained a successful life without striving. This is not to say that my friend is lazy or passive. Lewis was granted an harmonious opportunity when he was young and merged with … Continue reading

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Ugly Cars

OK, I’ll admit it, sometimes I fall for clickbait. If it’s not clickbait for cats, it’s clickbait for cars. These are the two topics worth wading through disappointing pages that are overloaded with advertising nobody reads. The clickbait is usually … Continue reading

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Wooden Cars

This week I stumbled across a used coffee table book at the Goodwill Store. It was nothing special, but the topic interested me. It was a collection of photographs of American cars that were manufactured in the 1940s. I quickly … Continue reading

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Good Carkeeping

Sometimes while cruising down the highway, I’ll spot a disabled vehicle abandoned at the side of the road. Many times it is a car or pickup that is much newer and more expensive than my ol’ Camry.  I’ll wonder what … Continue reading

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Less Driving, More Happiness?

I will preface this post by mentioning that I never envisioned writing something like this until now. It almost feels like I’m comitting a taboo just by tapping these words into the interwebs.  I’m a guy who loves to drive … Continue reading

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