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There were no such places as Antarctica or Australia. Perhaps half of North America did not exist. That is, none of them existed in the mind of the French mapmaker who drew the antique map I pondered. I noted that … Continue reading

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An Old USAAF War Map

I have a World War Two air navigation map from the United States Army Air Forces in my map collection to share with you today. It came from the estate of an Army veteran, so it’s something appropriate to ponder … Continue reading

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A Few Old Roadmaps

It’s fun to go through boxes of old stuff and wonder what the owner was doing when she or he used it. In this case the items were sandwiched between the covers of a couple of neglected photo albums. I … Continue reading

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Ignorance Of Geography

Some of my first memories include a slim book of maps that was published by General Motors’ AC-Delco division.  It was kept near the family’s television so that dad could look up places that were mentioned on newscasts and other … Continue reading

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Great Maps (Review)

I think that maps can reveal much about the people who draw them and use them.  In my opinion, this holds true whether the map was drawn by a child, a Cro-magnan hunter, a later explorer, or a Web map. In most cases, … Continue reading

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National Read A Map Week

Because dad worked for the State Highway Department, he always had a handful of road maps handy in his cars.  Whether or not anyone needed a map of the State, he gave them away.  I’m sure my first road map … Continue reading

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