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When a people confine their vision to popular memes, they stifle their own vitality. People who guide their lives by myths and shiboleths hold others back. The person who goes along just to get along will likely encounter mental stagnation. … Continue reading

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If we’re so fortunate to have attained a reasonable level of happiness and success, it is probable that we will be challenged by some people who are envious or feel threatened by us. We worked our rear-ends off to get … Continue reading

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Be Strong

The year 2020 has become an example of setbacks. It has exposed our national, social, and individual vulnerabilities. To look at the news headlines and tragic statistics reminds us of our weakest aspects. When we examine the situation closer, we … Continue reading

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My current challenges seem like a walk in the park if I compare them to those of other people and what humanity as a whole are facing. When I make this comparison, my challenges seem a bit easier to process. … Continue reading

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So Much Buzz About Comfort Zones

The greatly maligned comfort zone has been presented as a pariah mindset for as long as I can remember. Hundreds of business and self-improvement writers have extolled the virtues of stepping outside of our comfort zones because they believe doing … Continue reading

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