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Giving And Receiving

I received a renewal mailing from one of my favorite advocacy organizations yesterday. I won’t mention which non-profit it is, because that isn’t the point. It’s just that the piece of mail caused me to reflect on the nature of … Continue reading

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Pondering Benevolence

The workings of the human mind are as mysterious as they are ubiquitous. By looking at the face of someone, it’s difficult or maybe impossible to figure out what he is thinking or planning. Each human is a maze of … Continue reading

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On Generosity

Last month, during Veterans’ Day, an old ¬†Army Veteran was selling simple “poppies” near the front entrance of the supermarket. So, I gave him a few bucks and he gave me one of the little paper flowers. I wrapped the … Continue reading

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Good Deeds

When my old boss promoted me to Public Affairs Director for the radio stations, it was an unexpected development. The job was not one that I had pursued. I was more than happy being the music director. At first, the … Continue reading

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It’s that time of the year when appeals to our better nature arrive in greater numbers. There are close to a million public charities in the United States, alone. Add to that at least half-a-million civil leagues and 100,000 private … Continue reading

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Friendly And Caring

My old guru once taught that without a sense of friendliness and caring there is no sense of community. This is true from interpersonal relationships to international relationships and every relationship in between. I like to pause my life to … Continue reading

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An acquaintance says she feels unwilling to give to charity because she thinks anything she gives won’t go to people who really need the help. She is upset at the revelations that some executives in charge of certain charities are … Continue reading

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