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Whilst sipping coffee and daydreaming during the afternoon, my thoughts wandered into the subject of innocence. Society places a great deal of importance to it–almost as some sort of virtue. The problem with such an ideological opinion is that innocence … Continue reading

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Thinking About Moms Today

Mom has been gone nearly 30-years already. I say “already” because when thinking of mom, 1989 seems more recent than it does regarding other events and circumstances. This love between mom my two younger siblings and me is seen through … Continue reading

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National Cocoa Day

My memories hold more reminicences of “real” snowfall occuring during the 1960s than the type of snows we get in Eastern Nebraska these days.  The past several years, our snows usually start out as unsatisfying, dangerous “wintery mix” precipitation. I … Continue reading

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Happy Mothers Day

A traditional teaching says that in all of our past lives, we all have had mothers.  In this current life, all of these mothers appear to us as all other living beings. All living beings are my mother.  You may … Continue reading

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I have a  memory of checking out a self-help book from the public library in the Summer of 1970.  That year was one of my life’s milestones.  I had graduated from high school a couple of months earlier.  It was … Continue reading

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