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Happy Mothers’ Day

It’s been a few decades since I’ve been able to wish my mom a happy Mothers Day. Although she passed away long ago, I still think about her. It’s normal and good to contemplate upon motherhood. None of us would … Continue reading

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I stepped onto the front porch slab a few minutes before bedtime. The night time weather was unusually mild and pleasant for late June; especially since the afternoon had been quite windy. I visually surveyed the neighborhood and took in … Continue reading

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Do Nothing

We are a very fidgety species. Apparently this is true physically and mentally. We can see this when we observe people who are closest to their unsocialized state–children. When kids aren’t physically checking out everything and anything, they’re busy asking … Continue reading

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Street Children

Do you notice children on the streets at the times they are supposed to be attending school?  Do you ever wonder why they’re where they should not be? Some of those kids are not merely truant.  They’re street children. Street children … Continue reading

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Going One On One

If you listen to the announcers during basketball game broadcasts, you’ve probably heard the term “one on one defense” used frequently throughout the contest.  It’s an apt description of what happens when an individual defensive player guards the opposing team’s … Continue reading

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The Blizzard of ’88

Julius was lost in reverie as he recalled details about his father’s harrowing story about the terrible storm that swept over a little country school near Valley, Nebraska and the rest of the vicinity, in 1888.  The “Great Blizzard of … Continue reading

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If you had to describe the standard Christmas fables we Americans believe about Santa Claus, you’d soon realize how peculiar and somewhat creepy ol’ Saint Nick would seem to outsiders.  However, the American holiday fairy tale, certainly will have to … Continue reading

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