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Happy Imbolc

We have arrived at one of those times of the year when we can observe the blending of traditional western culture with newer western culture.  First we have the ancient Celtic practices. Secondly there are the ancient Roman aspects. Thirdly, … Continue reading

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On Thomas Paine Day

Despite commonly held opinions, many people are opposed to and frightened of  actual freedom.  This has long been the case, even here in the United States of America, where freedom is highly praised. One of our founding fathers, who was … Continue reading

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African Tyranny

No, bluejayblog is not an extention of my Facebook account. My statement of purpose is stated at the top of each page. “Here are my observations as I reach for understanding.” I come across topics and things that interest me.  … Continue reading

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Contemplating Contemplation

I sit to write this after my morning meditation.  The thought, earlier occured that humans have engaged in contemplation as a formal practice for many centuries. We have contemplated the world around us and ourselves probably as long as there … Continue reading

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Letting Go

It was November of 1967, I was a high school pupil laying in bed surfing through a burst of adolescent insomnia.  The thought occured to me that my mind was the product of the various stuff I’d taken in.  The … Continue reading

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