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Some Magazine Ads From 1959

I’ve been carefully culling the mildewed, and spoiled contents of the black steamer trunk that was stored in the basement of an old house dad owned. Some of the vintage newspapers and magazines are so contaminated that I’ve had to … Continue reading

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Iconic Tail Fins

American car owners were awash in exaggerated space age style for over ten years around the decade of the 1950s.  Cars were manufactured with bullet shapes and scoops at the front swooping to sometimes dangerous stylized fins at the rear.  European … Continue reading

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Remembering AMC

Judged by the design and styling of their day, Hudson and Nash motorcars seemed odd to many people.  As a kid, I only remember Hudsons from auto museum displays.  Nash cars were more familiar because one of my uncles drove a … Continue reading

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A 1967 Camaro

I looked over my events calendar today and found out that today is the 47th anniversary of the introduction of the Camaro to the automobile buying public. This fact grabbed my attention for a couple of reasons. First, I enjoy … Continue reading

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