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On Human Rights Day 2022

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”–William Pitt the Younger The abridgement of civil and human rights is an ages-old problem. History notes its presence … Continue reading

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It’s MLK Day!

When we think about Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior, passion and power come to mind. He was a tireless promoter of treating everyone fairly. Passion is what motivated him to continue in the face of strong, mainstream opposition. King’s energetic … Continue reading

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Canary In A Coal Mine (OpEd)

Minority status people are like the canary in a coal mine in free societies. The analogy refers to the old practice of using the small birds as early indicators of toxic gases that might be present in coal mines. If … Continue reading

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Advice From P.T. Barnum To Heed, An Op-Ed

There is a distinctly uncivil, heartless trend these days of certain businesses refusing to do business with particular types of people. As of late and most noteworthy is “Chick fil A” and their aggressive, refusenik attitude towards the LGBT community.┬áThis … Continue reading

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Social Injustice And Me

The desire for fairness and justice appear to be an inborn quality of human beings and many other animals. We want benefits and punishments to be meted out fairly. When a small child is reprimanded for an action he did … Continue reading

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Pondering Freedom On Independence Day

I’m feeling groggy after having my sleep interrupted by two weeks of people shooting off fire crackers and fireworks. While trying to drop off to sleep yesterday, the resentment built up over the few people who felt free to disturb … Continue reading

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It’s Another Pride Month

Just a few short years ago, the LGBT community could take a long, well-deserved, beautiful break from activism. Americans had finally won marriage equality, a major milestone in the movement. Most of us knew that marriage equality would not be … Continue reading

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