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A few evenings ago, my eyes felt irritated and watery. They were especially sensitive to the moving air from the pedestal fan I use to help circulate the cool air conditioning around the room. I closed my eyes and leaned … Continue reading

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There are those who say one cannot achieve complete objectivity when observing and describing events. This argument is usually used as a reason to excuse slanted and biased news coverage. There is a basic nugget of truth to the objectivity … Continue reading

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Sometimes when I get stressed and upset, I think of squirrels. They are extremely high-strung creatures. Have you ever carefully observed them? A squirrel might be grazing for seeds in the lawn. He hears a slight sound then a second … Continue reading

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The early morning air felt close and warm inside my little house.  I sipped some coffee to help shake the mental cobwebs from my mind.  There was a foggy overcast outdoors.  I decided to sit with the hazy conditions for … Continue reading

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