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A Wet Year

I like to completely detail and wax the ol’ Camry at least once each year. I prefer to do this during dry spells so I can enjoy the look of a pristine car finish for at least a week; two … Continue reading

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Is It Hot Enough For You?

During extreme weather, we have a couple of idiomatic greetings to use in place of, “How are you?”. In the winter, there’s, “Is it cold enough for you?” In the summer we have, “Is it hot enough for you?” This … Continue reading

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Scrutinizing The Solstice

Here in the Great Plains, the main topic of small talk is the weather.  My fellow Nebraskans seem to take extreme pleasure in grousing about the Winter.  I have a sneaking suspicion that many Nebraskans would grumble about the consistency … Continue reading

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